NinetyNine - Newcastle

One place I really like to visit when in need of a quick bite to eat when I’m in Newcastle on my day’s off is Ninety Nine. It’s a small take out place, they do have a couple of seats inside, where you can grab a burger, salad, or pasta to go. They describe themselves as gourmet fast food, and to be honest what they’re doing is sticking it to the corporate men who seem to dominate Newcastle, and other cities, food options, even better they’re doing it in a prime location. 

So why’s this good for cyclists? Well, one I can’t be the only one who sometimes needs to get things done post training ride and is up against the clock, and put simply Ninety Nine can deliver what you want after a training session, clean food, healthy ingredients and plenty of protein and carbs (if you want them). Plus it doesn’t feel like you’re making a sacrifice, you’re eating a burger but a good tasty fresh and locally sourced burger, rather than a questionable thing that has gone through quite a few processes. 

Yesterday’s Black and Blue burger certainly cured my hunger, especially after I went too long without food, and you know the trouble that brings with it - indecision, irritability, etc and post importantly for your cycling poor recovery. 

Obviously if you’re not a cyclist Ninety Nine is still a great place to grab a bite to eat, and then take a few steps to sit at Monument, people watch and  relax.

Sardinian alternative

I’m not talking Fabio Aru but Fregola, which I have to say is a tasty alternative to pasta. I’m slightly lucky having two Sardinian restaurants near me. As an Italian island the menu’s generally resemble Italian restaurants but with some subtle differences. One of those is the presence of Fregola a Sardinian pasta similar to couscous, but larger, which last night I had served as an almost risotto in a tomato and seafood sauce. Mussels, squid and other good stuff, it all seemed like the perfect food after a day on the bike and a welcome change from pasta, so thank you to Sabatini’s on the Quayside in Newcastle for introducing me, also I’d highly recommend Sabatini’s for a great restaurant to try on the Quayside if you’re in Newcastle.

A change of parcour

I think there is only so much re-posting of photos I can do and given the number of accounts that do this to a better and more consistent level than me I think I need to refocus, so rather than go for a top 20 GC on that. It’s time for stage wins and the king of the mountains jersey. This will mean a tighter focus. From now on let’s talk every skinny cyclists favourite subject food, on and off the bike. Mainly my food but also what others are eating and cooking too. Let’s have a well stocked musette.